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Wish Stories

Special Wishes

With your continual support, we are able to help over 500  terminally ill adults achieve their dreams each year. 
Over the years, we have helped more than 8,000 people in St Helens, Merseyside and throughout the UK.
Ted Lauren & Mya Visit White Post Farm

In 2008 Ted was granted his one and only wish. He wanted to spend some time with his daughter and granddaughter making memories and just enjoying the time they had left together. His main wish was for the day to be recorded so that when Mya was a bit older, she would know that her Grandad did love her and he would have loved nothing more than to be there seeing her grow up. 

Take a look at the video to see how their day went.

Marie's Emmerdale Wish

In 2011 Marie was granted her special wish. The short film below gives an insight into how the work we do helps those affected by terminal illness, and how something as simple as an Emmerdale experience can really make all the difference to not only the applicant, but their family and friends too. 

For Marie it was exactly that and she even got to meet her favourite soap star Kelvin Fletcher (Andy Sugden).

Romany Caravan Makes A Dream Come True

We received an urgent request from a lady who was desperate to make her Grandad’s dream come true. 
As a young man, Michael had dreamed of owning his very own Romany caravan, however as life went on, and children came along, that dream was put on hold. 

Years on, and Michael's dream of owning his own Romany Caravan seemed like a distant memory. 
His grandaughter Emma, contacted us to see if we could find somewhere that would let him stay the night and experience authentic Romany life. 

We contacted a few places, but in the meantime, Michael's medical professional contacted him to say that a stay in a caravan would not be ideal as his mobility was so bad that it could really push him back. 

Devastated, Emma set about doing her own research and came across ‘The Apple Store’ a cosy cottage in the Forest of Dean, with that’s right, a Romany Caravan on site! 

We messaged the cottage owner, Mary, who was amazing! She could not do enough, and sure enough, only 7 days from receiving the request, Michael was on his way.

Upon their return, we received the following message:

Hi Kerri,
Thank you so very much for making granddad's dream come true. You made him so happy and gave him and his family memories to treasure forever. This charity is a god sent blessing and really do make wishes come true. I can not express into words how grateful we are and how amazing this break was for them. 
Thanking you again, 
Emma x

Dream Trip For Karen

When we recieved an application for Karen we just knew we had to do something. 

Karen was suffering with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and had always dreamed of taking a trip to London with her family. Due to illness and other unforseen circumstances, the trip had never happened and the chance that they would get to go was looking bleaker and bleaker.

Kathryn, Karen's daughter liased with us and explained that she would love to make this happen for her mum as she knew how much it would mean to her to get away and have her dream trip.

We contacted the relevant people and managed to get the dream break she had always wanted.

Karen and her husband flew from Glasgow to Bristol where they met up with their daughter Kathryn. We booked them a hotel in Bristol and the next day all 3 travelled to London by train to watch The Lion King on the Westend.

On their return, Karen contacted us to say:

Hi Kerri

I wanted to email to thank the HoneyRose Foundation so much for my great trip to London to see "The Lion King ". I have attached a few photos of myself and my husband George. (My daughter who applied to you for this gift didn't want to be in any of photos). 
We stayed in the Premier Inn in Bristol near where my daughter lives then we all got the train to London. We walked (I was pushed in my wheelchair) to the theatre area and had a lovely lunch together then we went to see The Lion King matinee. The show was absolutely amazing and we all really loved it. After the long walk back we had some dinner and then caught the train back to Bristol. 
Thank you so much for this amazing gift as we could never have afforded to do all this ourselves as we live on my disability benefits and my husband is my full time carer. It was so lovely that my daughter was able to come with us as well. 
Thank you so much.  

Karen xxx
Clare’s daughter Megan was an avid cooking fan, taking to the kitchen to produce marvellous creations whenever she could. However, due to here mum's illness, Megan had never really cooked anything for her mum before. This was devastating, and Megan’s auntie, Lucy, wanted this to change!

She contacted us to see if there was any way that we could help her sister have the quality time that she longed for.

We set about looking and it wasn’t long till we had a response. Middlesbrough College kindly offered to let Megan, her mum and Lucy have a VIP day with a top chef creating masterpieces in their professional kitchen!

The date was set and before they knew it, they were on their way to spend a full day together making those all important memories!

We received this letter from Lucy:

Hello Chris,
Thank you so much for organising our very special day. From the moment we arrived at the college the staff couldn’t have done enough for us. We all had a lovely day and it was so lovely for Megan’s mum, Clare to be able to be part of it and spend it with her daughter. It’s the simple things such as being able to watch Megan bake that are so difficult with Clare living in a residential care home.

When we arrived at the college we were met by Molly who took us to the chef’s kitchen. We were introduced to the head chef Luke who asked Megan what she liked to make. Luke was fantastic and during the day demonstrated to Megan how to make various things for “afternoon tea” and it was really hands on for Megan being able to make all the things herself. He provided some excellent baking tips!

Megan’s mum, Clare was able to watch Megan baking during the course of the day and spend a day with her daughter doing something that she loves.

Megan and Clare were given her scones and cakes all boxed up so they could take them home, and Megan was allowed to keep her chef's outfit!

The photographer from the college also attended the day and took some beautiful photos of Megan and Clare which they will both be able to treasure. The day has provided them both with a fantastic days and some very happy memories they can cherish.

Clare has suffered with MS for the last 13 years, and the last 3-4 years had deteriorated in her health dramatically. It was so lovely seeing them both so happy and spending quality time together.
To see them smile is priceless!!

Thank you so much for organising it.
Kind Regards,

This wish was made possible by support from Middlesbrough College. 

Old Trafford Brings Joy to Mark

Mark was a super huge Manchester United fan. His life long dream was to visit Old Trafford and watch a match with his family. 

Sadly, he had been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in July 2017 and his illness had taken a turn for the worse. He was beginning to panick that he would never get to fufil his dream. 

That is when he stumbled across us. He contacted us to see if we could help to make his wish a reality. 

Of course, with our connections at Manchester United, we were able to secure the tickets and Mark, his daughter jessica and his brother were able to go along to Old Trafford on the 13th August and watch a match from executive seats in the south stand. 

They were able to watch teh game in style and enjoy access to the most exclusive parts of the groud!

On their return we recieved this email from Jessica:

Hi Chris,

I would like to thank you for arranging the tickets for dad, myself and uncle at the Manchester United vs Westham match on Sunday. We had a lovely family day and he thoroughly enjoyed the game, especially because they won 4 nil! 

Please see attached a picture of us at the match. The game was great and I really cannot thank you enough for making this happen.

Send my thanks to all of your team that helped in making this happen.

Kind regards and best wishes,
Jessica and family

This wish was made possible by Manchester United FC.

If you're suffering from a terminal illness and feel that a day like this could benefit you or someone you know, why not contact us and see if we can help!! We offer our services to families in St Helens, Merseyside and throughout the UK. If you're interested in donating or sponsoring for a fundraising event, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.
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