Kitty K Rhymes

We have been blessed to meet the lovely lady that is Cathy Kilgannon.

Cathy is a local girl from St Helens but has spent a lot of her life living in Dublin. As Ireland is the land of the storytellers, Cathy feels right at home there. These days Cathy spends her time between both Dublin and St Helens.

Life for Cathy has not always been easy. At just 19 she was found to have serious back problems that resulted in spinal surgery in St.Helens hospital. Later in life, at only 34,  she discovered a heart defect she had been born with which resulted in re-constrictive open heart surgery. Cathy is now 45 years old and as if all that wasn’t enough, earlier this year she was diagnosed with a rare muscle cancer and had radical surgery. For now she is recovered but will be scanned on a six monthly basis for the the next ten years.

She is now chasing her dream! Earlier this year she contacted Diane Deardon (specialist oncology nurse) that looked after her earlier this year and asked her to nominate a charity for me to link my business to.  She informed Cathy of us.

Since then Cathy and our founder Lynn have worked closely together to try and get this lady her wish!

This lady is special. Not only has she managed to overcome her own demons, she is now trying to assure other people are able to benefit from our service.

Her first publication is called ‘Is Christmas Cancelled?’ and will be available from the end of November 2015. We are hoping to give Cathy the exposure she deserves!

“Oh Santa you just must be told,
That Rudolph has a frightful cold

Oh Santa I’m afraid it’s so –
Rudolph it seems has lost his glow!”

‘Is Christmas Cancelled?’ is the first of many publications by children’s author Kitty K (aka Cath Kilgannon) with illustrations and design by life long friend, Mick McCabe.

This book will be available for purchase at the end of November!

For information on the book launch, click here. Or for your chance to grab a copy, click here.


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