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What Can We Do For Businesses That Sponsor Us?

We at the HoneyRose Foundation have had many businesses help us with various sponsorships and/or events over the years. However, we still would like to offer businesses the chance to fund us during these events. There are multiple ways you can do this and we have plenty to offer your own organisation in return. It is a privilege to be able to say we are associated with your business and we are confident what we have to offer you in return will make the investment worthwhile.

The benefit we can offer is brand awareness; our readers and supporters becoming more aware of your brand and creating more customers for your business. This will be great advertising for your business at very little cost but helping a valuable cause and, in return, you will be making others more aware of our charity. What we can do to help people over 40 with life limiting illnesses has had a remarkable effect on them and their loved ones.

However, we cannot do this without support and awareness and, as you as a business owner are probably fully aware, advertising costs money.


This is the main aspect of ways you can support us. We hold regular, constant events across the year to raise funds to provide special wishes. Naturally, these events cost money. If you help us fund these events, we would proudly display your logo with everything associated the event (such as Press Releases, website/social networking outlets, event programmes) and the chance to have your organisation receive exposure at a large scale event (Such as at our Annual Christmas Ball)

How about sponsoring the printing of our newsletter? In return, your logo will be prominently displayed for all of our readers to see. This will create higher awareness of your brand in return for your funds to make our charity visible to others in return. We would feel honoured to be associated with your business and we expect you would feel privileged to work with us in return because of the amount of work we have done for people on a national scale.

Local Media (Radio/TV/Newspapers)

While we wish to operate on a national scale, the key for gaining awareness starts at home. You could have the chance to sponsor us for an advert in the local paper (St Helens Star, Liverpool Echo..), for a local radio station (Such as Radio City 96.7 or Wish FM) or for a local news bulletin (Such as Granada Reports and BBC North West Tonight – both of which cover the region for St Helens, where we are based).

What do you get out of Local Media advertisements? This can also count as a part of your social and corporate responsibility as sponsoring for an advertisement would be considered contributing towards the community. This will also ensure advertisement for your business for having done so.

Make The HoneyRose Foundation Your Charity Of The Year

The St Helens Branch of ASDA chose us as one of their two Charities of the Year for 2013. Customers of that ASDA branch also chose us as one of two charities of their “Chosen By You…Given By Us” scheme.

You can also make The HoneyRose Foundation your chosen charity of the year. We would be able to come and talk to you about how we can use your support. We can come to your office and discuss things or you can come to our office or you can talk to us over the phone. You can choose whatever option is most convenient for you. We can also work with your staff directly to set up a charity committee to organise any event, suggest ideas for fundraisers, and also tell you what guidelines we have to fundraise. We can work around what you require, just get in touch with us by phone and we will arrange a suitable arrangement for you.

This can also count as fulfilling your social and corporate responsibility. You will also have the chance to have an advertisement for your company posted on our website, Social Media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and other promotional material as you raise money for our charity.

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