The HoneyRose Foundation was founded by Lynn Duffy in memory of three of her close friends, who died of terminal illnesses.

The film below gives an insight into how the Honey Rose Foundation made a special Emmerdale experience come true for Marie and she got to meet her favourite soap star Kelvin Fletcher.

Nicola Honey

Nicola died of a rare Ovarian Cancer aged 21.

Karen White

Karen died aged 27 after her battle with a Brain tumour.

Rose Clark

Rose fought Lung Cancer until she was 57.

Our Patrons

Andy Reid

Andy has been very proactive in helping The HoneyRose Foundation since becoming a patron on the 14th March 2013. Andy has helped us to raise our profile in St Helens and continues to be a valuable figurehead for our charity. Andys autobiography, Standing Tall: The Inspirational Story of a True British Hero was published in February 2013.

David Fiennes-Gregory

David was elected to Hatfield Town Council for the Dunscroft Ward (Doncaster Metropolitan Borough) in May 2007. He is also deputy Mayor of Hatfield for the 2015/16 session. He has kindly asked our Founder, Lynn Duffy MBE, to be his mayoress for the 16/17 session in anticipation of him becoming mayor as is custom. David is active within his community, and in particular charitable works. He is a Trustee as well as a Patron for our Foundation and also a Trustee and a volunteer with The East Doncaster Development Trust. A trust that supplies a community resource centre to the local residents.

HoneyRose Foundation Facts

  • The HoneyRose Foundation was established in 2004 and continues to grow daily as we help more people. We hope that the number of special wishes we are able to grant continues to grow.
  • So far, over 7000 people have benefited from special wishes granted by The HoneyRose Foundation.
  • The HoneyRose Foundation is a national United Kingdom charity, we’ve received applications from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as England.
  • The HoneyRose Foundation is the only UK charity that helps grant special wishes to adults (age 40+) from all over the United Kingdom.
  • Founder Lynn Duffy won Wish FM Woman of the Year 2012 and fundraiser of the year at The Pride of St Helens Awards.
  • The HoneyRose Foundation was one of the Knowsley’s Mayor’s Charities in the 2012/13 year.
  • Our Founder Lynn Duffy received her MBE award in 2016 for all of her hard work with the charity.

Our Impact On Local Community:

  • Through our donations and charity shops, we emphasize heavy recycling of home wares and clothing.
  • We have helped job seekers get back into work through confidence building and training.
  • We have provided volunteer work and work experience vacancies through the Jobcentre. The organisation also emphasizes equal opportunities volunteer work through this method, we actively encourage people from a variety of different backgrounds to volunteer for The HoneyRose Foundation.
  • We provide discount furniture to local tenants who may be in financial hardship.
  • Our local events, whether they’re fundraisers otherwise encourage strong public support by inviting them along and providing them with a day/night of entertainment and fun for a variety of audiences.